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Messages from the Inside

Poems by A.D. Hoyt

With a heavy body
Of cloud, dashed
Across sky

Sunface falls into city
Space. Above, the night
Is clear in dark silence.

Below, a golden world
Exists in smoggy light:
Los Angeles in a new year.

This city still calls
Out to me—The warm
Clear desert winters

And all the people
Just living their lives
Beneath these helicopter skies.

Printed copies of Messages from the Inside are available for $10 including shipping. This edition is perfect bound.

These poems come from behind enemy lines, and sing of the struggle against occupation— of the way our lives and lands have become subjugated. These poems reverberate with the unyielding will I have found amongst this fragmented world: to reclaim that which was once wyld and complete. Ultimately, these poems are an attempt to give voice to internal uprisings— so as to not feel isolated in the movement, nor unique in the dream.

A.D. Hoyt was born on May 27th, 1980, in Boston, MA. Raised in the Los Angeles suburban sprawl of the San Gabriel Valley, early experiences in the mountains and deserts of California led to a strong identification with the wild, and an equally strong frustration with the ever-growing concrete wastelands of the modern cityscape.

His publications include: Leaving the Valley; The Dark Dirt, Worm Shit, Truth of It; Messages from the Inside: Communiques from Tovangar and other Occupied Territories; No Stars by Which to Guide and Tierra Incognito.

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