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No Stars By Which to Guide

Poems by A.D. Hoyt

Last night the near full moon pressed up
Against an overcast European sky and I
Shuffled my feet over slick stones,

Past gothic churches and parked mopeds,
And tried not to howl like a lost coyote
At an unfamiliar sky.

There were no stars to be seen in the night,
No Big-dipper to point out the northern bright,
No points at all by which to guide.

But I know where the next rendezvous is.
I know how to hitch my way there.
I know the hard part is the waiting.

So I let out a steam of breath.
I looked once more at the wisp of moon,
At the silk veil of sky, then pulled my hat

Low over my ears, and walked
Down just another street,
Towards a warm place to sleep.

Printed copies of No Stars By Which to Guide are available for $10 including shipping. This edition is perfect bound with a glossy cover.

This book is an abbreviated record of one year spent wandering the subterranean allies of Europe. They chart my voyage from: an airport in California to the streets of Dublin, from the 2005 G8 Ministerial in Scotland to a squatted Opus Dei monastery in Belgium, from the World Economic Forum manifestations in Switzerland to the occupied factories of Barcelona and on to the revolutionary coast of Basque Country. These poems are meant to act as a coyote's lonely call to all running dogs of the night: in hopes of encouraging others to find their way to what safe-shelter lays hidden in these ruins.

A.D. Hoyt was born on May 27th, 1980, in Boston, MA. Raised in the Los Angeles suburban sprawl of the San Gabriel Valley, early experiences in the mountains and deserts of California led to a strong identification with the wild, and an equally strong frustration with the ever-growing concrete wastelands of the modern cityscape.

His publications include: Leaving the Valley; The Dark Dirt, Worm Shit, Truth of It; Messages from the Inside: Communiques from Tovangar and other Occupied Territories; No Stars by Which to Guide and Tierra Incognito.

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