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Tierra Incognito

Poems by A.D. Hoyt

I am a parched body on desert wings -
A scavenger, eater of flesh,

Sage scanning, dry-eyed,
Thistle-hearted wanderer.

Another moon is rising, as always.
It has its own peculiar weight.

We of cactus and hard-footed feelings
Swing down off thermals and strike

At life like raptors, wearing
Desert sand on shoulders,

Like badges of honor.
A great spirit addresses me -

A hot wind howls thru canyons
And out towards the city lights,

Dry with static electricity,
Ushering in the next

Windswept chapter of life.

Printed copies of Tierra Incognito are available for $10 including shipping. This edition is perfect bound.

This book gives voice to a crucial period of transition and process; it tells of the movement of my mind and body away from the concrete of LA and up into the high country, off the maps, where oaths and pledges are made. I return to the world of the 21st century ready to do what work must be done. I cast these pages out into the night with the same hope I have for all my books: that these words reach sympathetic ears, that they resonate somewhere with someone who has sworn similar oaths, and that, somehow, these poems help others find their way to the fortified canyons of a tierra incognito all their own.

A.D. Hoyt was born on May 27th, 1980, in Boston, MA. Raised in the Los Angeles suburban sprawl of the San Gabriel Valley, early experiences in the mountains and deserts of California led to a strong identification with the wild, and an equally strong frustration with the ever-growing concrete wastelands of the modern cityscape.

His publications include: Leaving the Valley; The Dark Dirt, Worm Shit, Truth of It; Messages from the Inside: Communiques from Tovangar and other Occupied Territories; No Stars by Which to Guide and Tierra Incognito.

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